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This article is dedicated to provide a place where logos of the numerous OSGeo projects can be linked.

The reason for creatin gthis page: last weekend I wasted hours to get logos of most of the OSGeo projects in printquality to arrange them on a poster for the Linxtag in Berlin. All OSGeo projects please put links to logos of your project on this page to mak eit easy to get them for any PR.


Web Mapping

  • deegree
  • Mapbender
  • MapBuilder
  • MapGuide Open Source
  • MapServer
  • OpenLayers

Desktop Applications

  • Quantum GIS
  • gvSIG

Geospatial Libraries

  • FDO
  • GEOS
  • GeoTools
  • MetaCRS

Metadata Catalog

  • GeoNetwork

Other Projects

  • Public Geospatial Data
  • Education and Curriculum