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Mapbender application


Mapbender is a web based geoportal framework to publish, register, view, navigate, monitor and grant secure access to spatial data infrastructure services.

The open source software Mapbender is a content management system for geospatial data services and map applications. With Mapbender, you can create applications without writing a single line of code. Based on state-of-the-art technologies, Mapbender is a flexible client for OGC services.

The software is implemented in PHP and JavaScript and licensed under MIT.


Mapbender is an SDI back end to create and maintain web based spatial applications.

End-user interfaces can be compiled from a broad selection of preconfigured modules based on jQuery and OpenLayers. Mapbender can be used to create highly focused light clients with a minimum set of modules as well as fully fledged applications with OWS security proxy, log module, digitizing with auto snapping, catalog and metadata editor components, monitoring and much more functionality.

Screenshot of administration module

Management interfaces help to maintain and monitor mapping and feature resources in a metadata catalog and grant access to individuals and groups. Adherence to standards, such as OGC WMS and transactional OGC WFS, make Mapbender agnostic to different brands of server software and allows to take advantage of interoperable services from various platforms.


Mapbender code is implemented and maintained by developers from a diverse background and different companies.

Join the community:

Demo and Gallery

Use a sample Mapbender application in the Mapbender demo or look up specialized applications in the Mapbender Gallery.