Mapping Math: What You Will Need

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You will need a couple of things to benefit fully from this series of articles:

  • A calculator with the trigonometric functions sin, cosine, and tangent and the ability to calculate square roots.
  • Some writing paper and a pencil. (Graph paper would probably be the best type of paper.)

If you are interested in learning about Java programming and working through some of the programming exercises in the book (which I highly recommend) then you'll need these additional items:

  • A copy of a Java IDE. You might try Eclipse or Netbeans, which are open source.
  • A copy of the Java SDK, or software development kit.
  • A good book that introduces you to the Java programming language if you are unfamiliar with it. I recommend O'Reilly's Learning Java.


Eclipse IDE

Netbeans IDE


Learning Java Book


Mapping Math Home