Marketing Meeting 2012-06-04

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The next Marketing meeeting takes place on Mo/Tu, 4/5 June, 2012 at 20:30:00 UTC time.

For more info on joining the meeting see Marketing Meetings page.


  1. Role call
  2. Discuss options, then vote upon setting up of an Ambassador role
  3. Suggest timeslot for future meetings



  • CameronShorter (chair)
  • dbb
  • aghisla
  • FrankW
  • dmorissette
  • punkish

Discussion: IRC logs


  • General agreement around the concept, and management, and that the Marketing Committee would be responsible for updating the list every year.
  • Concern was raised around using the term "Ambassador" as the term implies someone who is a selected representative, rather than a self appointed volunteer.
  • Debated terms:
    • "OSGeo Ambassador" - Implies someone who is a selected by the board, rather the reality of a self appointed volunteer; concern this might have legal ramifications for OSGeo.
    • "OSGeo Speakers Bureau" - limiting the role to speaking and not very prestigious
    • "Authoritative OSGeo Personalities" - a bit long and informal
    • "OSGeo Advocate" - this was the final term decided upon

Summary Actions