Marketing Meeting 2021-04-30

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Meeting Details



Scribing: Astrid Attending: Enock, Astrid, laura


MapScaping Podcast

  • motion passed with +1 x 5 out of 9 (4 people did not vote)
  • 4xnew podcasts
  • 1000 $
  • ideas for podcasts: OSGeoLive, pygeoapi, OSGeo-general
  • Notice: maybe there are other podcasts that we could support
    • africageoconvo
    • GeoMob
    • ?

Evaluation on activity and new members for our committee

  • mail to list: who is still active in the committee
  • ask for new people - mail on discuss list


  • Review MoUs - MOU_OSGeo_All
  • Board confirmed that we can work on the MoUs, very welcome
  • 19 that we have to check
  • Enock will make a spreadsheet and share
  • all: check MoUs and summarize information in the spreadsheet



  • TODO Astrid send mail to discuss about new member
  • ToDo Enock podcast
    • Mail
    • resouces page
  • Add AGIT Events Astrid

Next meeting