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Event contact

Booth Structure

The provided booth space includes: (1) One draped table in the Exhibition hall (2) Chairs


The official schedule can be accessed on the 2023 SotM Africa website [1]. The exhibition hall is integrated into the venue, so it is accessible during conference hours.

The summary of the schedule is:

Day Hours
Wednesday, November 29th 1-5pm Set up/Move in during this time
Thursday, November 30th 9:30am-6pm Regular hours, sessions running etc.
Friday, December 01st 9:30am-6pm Regular hours, sessions running
Saturday, December 02nd 9:30am-1pm Regular hours, sessions running
1-2:30pm Move out

Marketing Collateral

Item Number needed
OSGeo Brochure[2] 250
Project one-pager[3] 100
OSGeo stickers[4] 200
Roll up banner[5] 1
Table runner[6] 1
OSGeoLive on USB 80

Presentations & Activities