New Member Nominations 2022

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The Charter Member nomination (part of the Election 2021) will be open from 2021-11-01 to 2021-11-14 (2 weeks). This list of nominees is maintained by the Chief Returning Officer ( This page is write protected and can only be edited by either CRO

# Nominee Name Country Positive attributes Nominated by
1 Bianca Federici Italy

"Bianca is an active member of the Italian community. She is a professor at the University of Genoa software teaching and researching using free GIS for a long time. She has been part of the organisation of several national organisations since 2007 and was co-chair of the FOSS4G 2022"

Luca Delucchi
2 Seabilwe Tilodi South Africa "Seabilwe is a GIS specialist with a background in geology and agroclimatology working at Kartoza. She is passionate about the application of open-source software and open data to solve complex problems. She does awesome work training on open-source software such as QGIS, in particular for high school students and teachers. She is one of the organizers of the QGIS Open Day virtual event series where she takes care of the social media outreach. Many of you will remember her from FOSS4G 2022 where she presented a lightning talk on ""Classroom GIS in South Africa"". Her numerous contributions to the QGIS contributor meeting in the lead up to FOSS4G were extremely valuable." Anita Graser
3 Tomas Holderness United Kingdom "Tomas is an active member of the open geospatial community and has spoken at every FOSS4G global event since 2016 and FOSS4G UK in 2019.  Tomas

is a recognised leader in serverless computing for geospatial and has spoken and blogged extensively on the subject at FOSS4G and Geomob events as well as on podcasts.  Tomas is the CTO of Addresscloud a business providing services to the insurance industry based on open source geospatial technology, sponsors of FOSS4G UK 2019, OSGeo in 2021 and FOSS4G Firenze in 2022."

Mark Varley
4 Besfort Guri Kosovo

"It is my pleasur to nominate Besfort Guri as OSGeo Charter Member. Besfort is active in OSGeo since some years now. Besfort Guri is heavily involved in FLOSSK which is the local OSGeo Chapter for Kosovo since 2020 ( Besfort is a member of FLOSSK since 2009 as well as the President of the Executive Board at FLOSSK. Besfort leads OSGeo and OSM local chapters in Kosovo. Besfort was part of the organizing team of different conferences. He is in the FOSS4G 2022 organizing committee that will invite the community to Prizren, Kosovo. He runs a small company focused on Geographical Information System and Web Development. "

Astrid Emde
5 Markus Mayr Austria

""Markus is a long time and very active member of the OpenStreetMap community organizing the OSM meetup (Stammtisch) in Vienna as chair of the OSM Austria LocalChapter. The OSM meetup is also the place for the Viennese FOSSGIS members, the German local chapter of OSGeo, to meet. Markus is organizing the presentation of OSGeo related projects at mainly Austrian GIS-specific events like the GI_Salzburg (formerly AGIT).""

Stephan Meißl