New York Code Sprint 2010 Agenda

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New York Code Sprint 2010 : Making things work together better...

Interoperability makes all the pieces more valuable. With multiple applications represented, this is a great time to fix nagging interoperation issues!


  • ...
  • KML Mapserver, merge David Kana's soc work into trunk - Mike Smith, Thomas B., Y Assefa
  • XML Mapfile format - Mike Smith
  • rendering plugins:
    • migrate AGG rendering, implementations for legend and scalebar, hatch symbology - Steve L, Thomas B.
    • migrate raster layer handling, but FrankW won't be here
  • object references RFC and implementation (e.g. sharing style or label objects) - Steve L.
  • buffer geotransform implementation - Steve L.
  • bug squashing party - Daniel M.
  • SVG Symbols support (what to do with the outcome of this GSoC project?) - Daniel M, Y Assefa.
  • see if we could make any progress towards a mechanism to show/hide layers in OGC services - Daniel M.
  • one pass query and OGC filter query (ticket: #3305) - Y Assefa
  • GSoC project ideas (applications will be due March 8-12, 2010) - Daniel M.
  • Improvement of the label angle follow algorithm (ticket 2221) - Alan B.
  • Add Parameter Binding to PostGIS/Oracle Drivers. - Duck
  • MS RFC 37 - AUTO Spatial Reference support - hobu, pramsey, mapslob



  • ...


  • see if there's anything I can do to help out on the Isenberg front (mpg)
  • complete pluggable reader/writer implementation (hobu)
  • discuss boost dependency and movement to cmake (hobu)
  • discuss libOPC developments (Mike Smith, hobu)


  • ...


  • ...


  • ...


  • evaluate feature set of NITF driver (mpg)
  • think about JPEG XR a bit (mpg)
  • understand the 3-band-at-once fix for MrSID (et al) driver (mpg)


  • fix : subdataset handling (GDAL #486, GRASS #798)