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OSGeo participation at XXIVth ISPRS Congress


The XXIVth ISPRS Congress will be 14-20. June, 2020 in Nice, France. OSGeo has MoU with ISPRS which includes collaboration and participation in conferences. OSGeo was invited to organize:

- a Forum on Geo-Open-Science, Geo-Open-Source and Geo-Open-Data. The motivation of fora is to encourage strong exchanges between academia, institutions, industry, and users on important structuring subjects. The program built for the fora must cover all aspects of the theme (integrating also policy issues) and not only scientific/tecnical aspects.

- a OSGeo Pavilion, where to group open-source companies to give them a stronger impact during the congress.

OSGeo volunteers for XXIVth ISPRS Congress

Maria Brovelli Helena Mitasova