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OSGeo.be - Face 2 Face meeting 04-08-2016


Johan Maëlle Marc Moritz Tommy ?


  • FOSS4G-BE 2016
* Program
* Call for Maps
* Call for Sponsors
* Communication
* Organisation - volunteers
* Collaborations
* Federal Council of Surveyors
  • Miscellaneous
* Next meeting

FOSS4G-BE 2016


A new version of the program has been set up. We will create a form where every author can update their title/abstract/language.

Action: Johan : notify all submitters
Action: Johan : create form for submitters

Call for Maps

We need to translate in Dutch the call for maps made by Gaël. After that, it can put on the website and be sent out via mail.

Action: Johan : translate and send call for maps via mail
Action: Johan : add call for maps page on the website

Call for Sponsors

All sponsors have been added to the website. We now have 4.250 €. Some other sponsors are interested but would like if they can have the participants list.

Action: Mortz : Moritz will ask for a legal information concerning the dissemination of the list of participants


The call for maps also need to be posted on social medias. Since Oliver will not be much available, the task has to be taken by someone else (Tommy). A new poster does not seem to be necessary but Johan will order a new banner. We'll try to contact some interested journalists (Gaël's contact, Maarten Lambrechts (De Tijd))

Action: Johan : give Twitter credentials to Tommy
Action: Tommy: announce the call for maps via Twitter and Facebook
Action: Johan : order new banner
Action: Johan : contact Maarten Lambrechts

Organisation - volunteers

Action: Johan : call Oliver to get information on how to be effective with the organization


We will help the State of the Map team with the organisation of the hack day (September 26th)

Action: Marc : send mail to the team with information about the needs (chairs and tables that have to be rented)

Federal Council of Surveyors

Now that the program is nearly definitive, we can contact the Federal Council.

Action: Tommy : contact the Federal Council of Surveyors


Next meeting

The next meeting is scheduled for August 16 (next Tuesday), 17:30 via Skype.