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With the recent release of Drupal 8, it has been suggested that we hold a barn raising event for recreating and re-hosting the main osgeo.org website.

Why continue with Drupal?

We need a modern, proven CMS that:

  • is easy for all users and doesn't require lots of work to maintain.
  • facilitates the migration from the old platform.
  • has good multilingual capabilities, a core requirement for OSGeo.
  • responsive themes designed for mobiles and tablets and engineered to be fast by default.
  • Unlike the OSGeo projects, we need a "not invented here" approach to the website where we aim to write little or no code ourselves.
  • is familiar to the majority of (if not all) those who will be doing the work.

While several modern CMS tools can do the job, Drupal v8 ticks all the boxes.


  • The current site has around 1600 nodes. If, for example, 16 people took responsibility for 100 nodes each we could manually copy content without worrying about automating the migration... therefore no risk of transferring anything that's not public, or of copying across old embedded PHP code. Plans to automate the migration have currently been shelved in favour of this easy-to-achieve approach.
  • A shared google spreadsheet would record which nodes had been transferred. Link to be added here. We'd transfer newer nodes first and create the correct links among the translated content.
  • The service providers pages could be created as a custom content type and displayed using built-in drupal views, allowing sorting, searching etc without any custom PHP.
  • SAC could install a vanilla Drupal 8 on a new server and get inital LDAP support working. Webcom would take responsibility for the "barn raising" including content, theming etc. and discussions via the webcom mailing list.
  • The OSGeo board would decide when to transfer to new site.


  • Avoid writing any custom code (which has prevented upgrades in the past)
  • Install minimal contributor modules, ensure any that are used are likely to be maintained long term, e.g. ldap module.


Software Evaluations

  • Drupal 8 Evaluation
  • if it looks to do the job adequately, no others need be tested
  • Django (would require maintaining too much custom code)
  • Silverstripe is a possibility, but only really worth evaluation if Drupal 8 fails on some count


  • Drupal Upgrade Plan - Wolf's fall 2007 plan to upgrade Drupal to 5.3.
  • October 2013 - WebCom began discussing and investigating rebuild options for the main Drupal website (this wiki page created).
  • November 2015 - Drupal 8 released with built-in views and multilingual support.

Clean Up

  • Web VM is running a partial port of the existing site under the URL http://www2.osgeo.org/ (remove)
  • Ensure other hosted multisites in the same old drupal instance are no longer in use
  • Archive old site