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From time to time companies may want to be able to participate with the OSGeo Foundation in the promotion of the company's products or services. Any such promotions need to be done in a manner that does not conflict with the foundation's mission, and be for products or services that are compatible with or promote the foundation's mission.

One example of a "promotional opportunity" is for a company to have a booth in the OSGeo area at Intergeo 2006.

Promotional opportunities may be limited (e.g. limits on the size/number of booths), so companies who wish to participate with OSGeo in such promotional opportunities will need to provide OSGeo with information about their products and/or services, and desired promotional activities, as outlined below.

For each promotional opportunity OSGeo will provide a contact email address where the information below should be sent. Make sure to include "Promotion Application" in the subject line of your email. If there are any questions about your application, or clarifications needed, someone from OSGeo will contact your company via email, at the email address used to submit the Promotion Application. If there are more suitable applications received for a promotional opportunity than the opportunity can accomodate (e.g. eight applications and only four booth spaces), the timestamp of when the application email was received by OSGeo will be used to 'break the tie'. If additional emails were required to request clarifications to the original application, the timestamp of the last email that completed the necessary information will be used.

Decisions about the suitability of promotional applications for any specific promotional opportunity, or for joint promotion with OSGeo in general, are at the sole discretion of the OSGeo foundation.

Feel free to provide additional information where you feel it would be helpful, but keep in mind that this application should be both complete and concise. It may be helpful to include URIs for information on your company's website that provides additional or background information.

Once decisions are made by OSGeo, all applicants will be notified. If your application was not suitable, the reasons why will be provided to you.

Promotion Opportunity

For which promotional opportunity are you applying?

Contact Information

  • Company name
  • Name and email address of the person making this application
  • Mailing address and phone number


For each software product that you plan to promote:

  • Name of the product
  • Name of the product's licence
  • URI for a copy of the licence


List any services your company provides that you plan to promote, and how these relates to the OSGeo Foundation's mission.


  • Provide a summary of what sort of promotional activities you have in mind. For example, a static display of materials (e.g. posters and brochures), a staffed booth, interactive hands-on displays, drawings for free swag, etc.
  • Provide any specifics that relate to the OSGeo Foundation's mission.
  • If your company's product(s) and/or service(s) include elements that may not be compatible with the OSGeo Foundation's mission (e.g. you offer both Open Source and Closed Source software), you will need to explain how you will tailor your promotional activities to be in line with the foundation's mission.