OSGeo at EuroOSCON 2006

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OSGeo at OSCON 2006 was a good experience - there was so much interest from other open source development community members in what OSGeo is doing - it would be great to get a 'presence' together for EuroOSCON too.

To Do

  • What is to be done?
  • OSGeo shares booth space with Autodesk
  • Brochure and flyer editing to be coordinated by VisCom. List deliverabels from committtee and projects.
  • Do people who are attending not have t-shirts and how can they get them.

OSGeo related talks and sessions

  • Schuyler Erle is doing an OpenLayers talk.
  • Jo Walsh is planning to do a Public Geodata BOF

Geospatial Hotspots

Presenters: Arnulf Christl & Schuyler Erle

This lightning talk will walk you through through the OSGeo Foundation, showing its services and products. The OSGeo currently comprises a stack of 8 Free and Open Source Software projects, plus committees centered on education and public geodata. Our mission is to educate people to use the software stack to produce and make use of freely available geodata.

Confirmed attendence