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Open Science Committee Budget Planning 2022

The Open Geo Science committee has requested a total budget for the year 2022 of 3,000 USD.

Status 2021: Outcome: The OSGeo board has assigned a budget of 2,500 USD to the committee for 2021. The budget could not be spent due to the Pandmic

This is intended to cover:

  • Outreach (Open Science, AGU, etc.) (3,000 USD)
  • Hackathons (0,000 USD)

Outreach at Open Science events

  • Training/Promotional material: 500 USD (Handouts, USB live, Open Hardware, etc.)
  • Registrations/travel costs: 1,500 USD
  • OSGeo Open Science Awards: 1,000 USD

Sub-Total requested budget: 3,000 USD

External outreach potentials

* EGU GA 2021 (virtual event)
* AGU GA (virtual event ?)

OSGeo outreach opportunities

  • FOSS4G Asia
  • FOSS4G Europe
  • FOSS4G
  • FOSSGIS (local event for German speaking countries - virtual event in 2022)

Hackathons / Open Science Sprints

  • Catering & handout: 0 USD
  • Venue rental: 0 USD


  • Tutorial session or additional splinter session at EGU 2022: WILL MOST LIKELY NOT FLY DUE TO COVID

Sub-Total requested budget: 0,000 USD