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Work in progress

discussion (in Spanish)

Main information

Name Year OSGeo Live License Ohloh Tech
GDAL/OGR 2000 G Estilo MIT ohloh C/C++
GEOS 2008 G LGPL ohloh C/C++
JTS Topology Suite 2010 - - LGPL ohloh Java
GeoTools 2006 G LGPL ohloh Java
Shapely 2007 BSD ohloh Python
GeoScript 2009 MIT ohloh JavaScript, Python, Scala & Groovy
libLAS 2007 BSD ohloh C++
LASzip/LASlib 2007 LGPL C++
PDAL 2011 BSD ohloh C++
SPDlib 2011 GPLv3 and MIT ohloh C++
Laspy 2012 BSD ohloh Python
OSRM 2010 BSD ohloh C++
pgRouting 2010 GPLv2 ohloh C/C++
OpenTripPlanner 2009 LGPLv3 ohloh Java, Python
GeoBatch 2009 GPLv3 ohloh Java
Mapnik 2005 LGPLv2 ohloh C++, Python