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Meeting info

What happened

  • Presentation of OSGeo - discussed by Venkatesh Raghavan highlighting the history of OSGeo and possible ways and activities OSGeo-PH can do for upcoming year.
  • The OSGeo-Live project - presented by Maning Sambale.
  • Short presentations about your organization and how you use OSGeo applications.
    • Environmental Science for Social Change - Maning presented the current and previous geospatial research activities of the Institute
    • World Agroforestry Centre - ICRAF and UPLB SESAM - Lawrence and Joan presented QGIS training activities they provide to UPLB Environmental Science students and Agriculture teachers in Northern Luzon
    • Openstreetmap Philippines - Eugene presented an overview of Openstreetmap and activities in the Philippines
    • UP Diliman & Feati - Jessie presented using OSGeo software as used in the Geodetic Engineering department of UP Diliman and FEATI.
  • Brainstorming of ideas for the OSGeo-PH local chapter
    • On formulating a 1 year plan for the local chapter - we need to involve more people in meetings before formulating an OSGeo-PH plan and future organizational directions. The agreement is to conduct more informal meetings with other GIS practitioners and groups.
    • Possible groups we can promote OSGeo:
      • Geodetic Engineering of the Philippines - this is the professional association of GEs in the country. They conduct national and regional assemblies. We can present OSGeo in the association meeting and propose a committiee on open source. Jessie will initiate contact.
      • Regional Development Councils - this is a policy governing board under NEDA.
      • We will prepare a standard slidedeck as presentation material we can use for presenting OSGeo in the above meetings.
    • More training materials needed - there is a general agreement that we need more training/learning resources. ESSC is doing several training modules and commits to share materials to the group.
    • Project tie-ups with OSM-PH - we can explore possible project collaborations with Openstreetmap similar to OSGeoJP and OSm Japan chapter.
    • Need a better understanding on using open source in the business sector - maybe the next meeting can be a presentation on business use cases of OSGeo.
    • Encourage the use the osgeo-ph mailinglist for answering specific GIS questions - Non-english language is OK.

Who attended

  1. Maning Sambale - Environmental Science for Social Change
  2. Nicolas Bozon (via skype) - OSGeo France
  3. Venkatesh Raghavan (via skype) - OSGeo International and Japan
  4. Lawrence Ramos - World Agroforestry Centre - ICRAF
  5. Jessie Linn Ablao - University of the Philippines Diliman - GE Dept.
  6. Eugene Alvin Villar - Openstreetmap Philippines
  7. Joan Pauline P. Talubo - University of the Philippines Los Baños - School of Environmental Science and Management
  8. Rally de Leon - Openstreetmap Philippines


Jessie, Rally, Lawrence and Joan listening to Venka (via skype) on OSGeo Overview. Eugene Villar presenting an overview of Openstreetmap. 6446913437 1718e4d0b6.jpg