PostGIS Day 2018

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GIS Day 2018 is on Wednesday, November 14. This is a great event put on by esri to celebrate GIS and geography.

PostGIS Day 2019 is on Thursday, November 15. This is a new global event to celebrating all the tools for data analysis, storage, and with geospatial location information including the OSGeo Projects.

OSGeo Local Chapters are encouraged to participate in PostGIS Day by holding events, training, and other activities. This will be a great chance to create buzz around OSGeo Projects and help others discover their awesome powers and uses.

In the US

OSGeo.US is offering to support PostGIS Day 2019 events in the United States. All requests should be made on the OSGeo US Discussion list

Specifically, OSGeo.US would like to see some workshop trainings to take place in as many places as possible.

Location of events