Project Graduation Process

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Document Status

IncCom Document Number: 3

Version: 1.0

Status: draft


The purpose of the Project Graduation Process is to document how projects can graduate from the Incubator to full member status in OSGeo.

Terms and Definitions

the project wishing to enter into OSGeo
the Incubation Committee
Incubation Process 
the process by which a project becomes a full member project of OSGeo
a member of the Incubation Committee chosen to assist a Project through the Incubation Process
Project Management Committee


  1. Incubation Mentor determines that the project is ready for graduation based on its current status
  2. Incubation Mentor includes an agenda item in the next available IncCom meeting to propose graduation for the Project
  3. The IncCom reviews the Project Status Template of the project and votes (link to voting process for IncCom) on whether the project is ready for graduation. For a project to graduation, there must be
    1. a quorum of voters
    2. X +1 votes
    3. no -1 votes
  4. If graduation is approved by the IncCom, the IncCom will:
    1. include an agenda item on the next available Board of Directors meeting to accept the project graduation
    2. notify the project of the Board of Directors decision

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