Proposed Project Submission Process

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Project Evaluation Criteria


  • the code is under an OSI approved license.
  • project willing to keep code clear of encumberances (committer agreements, etc).
  • the project is "geospatial", or directly in support of geospatial applications.


  • already reasonably mature (working quality code).
  • already has a substantial user community.
  • already has a substantial developer community.
  • adheres to standards (ie. OGC, etc) where appropriate.
  • has linkages with existing foundation projects.
  • fills a gap in the foundation software stack.
  • prepared to develop in an open and collaberative fashion.

Project Submission Questions

  • Name, location, affiliations (eg. corporate), etc.
  • Short description of the submitter
  • Project Name
  • Open source license selection
  • One line description
  • Detail description
  • Status (no code, alpha, beta, released)
  • Why is this project important to this community?
  • Are there others involved in the development of the project? How many active comitters are there?
  • How many users do you currently have?
  • If you have users, can you describe a few and how your code has helped them?
  • Are there other open source projects related to this one or compete with it?
  • What libraries do you use or plan to use?
  • Are there any patents or possible ownership issues?
  • Please feel free to add other information that we have not asked that would help ensure that we know enough about your project to accept it into our community.