SAC 2007 Annual Report

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Systems Administration Committee

  • Period covered by report: Jan-Dec 2007
  • Contact name: Howard Butler
  • Members: Howard Butler (chair), Norman Vine, John Graham, Gary Sherman, Daniel Morissette, Martin Spott, Wolf Bergenheim, Frank Warmerdam, Shawn Barnes, Who did I forget?

Key Accomplishments

  • Completely migrated away from CollabNet and implemented our own infrastructure, which is hosted at Peer1.
  • Implemented LDAP, Trac, Subversion, Mediawiki, Mailman, Drupal, Buildbot, download server, Subversion mirror, ...

Work Areas

  • Remove the wildcard DNS entry for *, which greatly complicates and limits our infrastructure maintenance.
  • Continue migrating member projects who wish to have critical infrastructure bits like Subversion and Trac be hosted by OSGeo.
  • Keep the lights on...

Outlook for 2008