SoC Application Rankings by Project 2007

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This page segregates SoC applications by project, so that projects can rate their applications in priority order.


  1. A Synthetic Aperture RADAR Processor using GDAL - Philippe Vachon
  2. GDAL Raster Driver for PNG/JPG Tile Structure + gdal2tiles utility - Petr Prindal
  3. GDAL: KML read support for the existing driver - Jens Oberender
  4. OGC WMS GDAL driver - Adam Nowacki
  5. GDAL: Driver for GeoRSS - Jens Oberender


  1. GRASS Modules for line generalization and smoothing - Daniel Bundala
  2. GRASS Global Least Cost Path Module - Daniel Bundala
  3. A new simulation/optimization algorithm for least cost path - Bobby Powers
  4. Line generalization module for GRASS - Milena Nikolic
  5. Shortest path in free (vector) space avoiding obstacles module in GRASS - Maximilian Maldacker


Mentors avaialble from GeoTools, GeoServer and uDIg communities.

Proposal Student GeoTools GeoServer uDig
UDig Sensor Observation Service Client Jan Jezek XXXXX ..... XXXXX
Implementation of An Interactive GeoRSS tool in uDig Rui Li xxx.. ..... xxx..
Caching data in uDig Christophe ROUSSON xxx.. xxx.. xxx..
JTileCache Christopher Whitney x.... xxx.. .....
Plugins for multidimensional raster data sources Daniele Romagnoli xxx.. xx... xx...
New Transformation Algorithms for GeoTools and uDig Jan Jezek xxx.. x.... x....
GeoServer Style Editor Anthony Manfredi x.... xxx.. .....
Rating Benifit
XXXXX Wow - takes us into new territory
XXXX. We need it yesterday
xxx.. Popular request
xx... Stratagic goal
x.... Adds to existing experience
..... Not Applicable to Project


  1. Coverage model and operations for PostGIS - Xing Lin
  2. Materialized Views with Geometric Support - Eduin Yezid Carrillo Vega