South african government procurement

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South African IT procurement, amongst many other factors and regulations, is governed by these principles

  • Functionality
  • Cost containment
  • Open Source (FOSS)

An OPEN tender or quotation process must be followed in these circumstances

  • new requirements
  • the end of an ELA or SLA

These are the basic steps that ANY government entity is supposed to follow

  • conduct a process to determine functional and non-functional requirements and write these up as formal ToR (Terms of Reference)
 * you may not mention a product or brand OR structure the ToR so they fit a brand or vendor
 * a 'licence' is not a functional requirement and therefore has no place in a ToR
  • put these out to OPEN tender or quotation (depending on size) via the CSD (Central Supplier Database) so they appear on the | eTender portal
  • if a FOSS-based bid is submitted and is considered responsive, it has to be adjudicated fairly along with any other bid. If it comes out with the best score (technical+price+BEE) then naturally it must be selected.

  • there is NO justification for hanging on to a proprietary system
  • the early stages of a FOSS contract should include a managed migration process, of systems and users.


FOSS policy in South Africa

Some International FOSS policy and case studies

  • [Case_Studies#Open_Source_Policies]