Tools for Creating Screencasts

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The following tools can be used by educators in creating screencasts.

NOTE: why is proprietary software advertised in this wiki?

Yes, some of the tools listed below are proprietary. This list is not an endorsement of these tools but merely a convenient list for those looking for such tools. Since these tools are not geospatial, they don't conflict with the "Geo" portion of OSGeo. In any case, OSGeo should not be opposed to proprietary tools but should be a proponent for the best available tools. Please, by all means, use open source, libre tools for creating screencasts if they are available.

Tools of Trade
App License OS Url
iShowU Proprietary closed USD 20 M
Captivate Proprietary closed USD 599 W
vnc2swf GPL open M, W, L
Screenography Proprietary closed USD 40 M
Snapz Pro Proprietary closed USD 69 M
Camtasia Proprietary closed USD 40 W
Supporting Utilities
Mouseposé Proprietary closed USD 15 M
OmniDazzle Proprietary closed USD 15 M
Backdrop Free closed M
Copernicus Free closed M