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Alex Leith works as a Software Developer and Project Manager at FrontierSI.

Alex graduated with a degree in Surveying and Spatial Information Sciences with honours in 2011, and was certified as a Geographic Information Systems Professional in 2015. Alex received the Young Processional of the Year, Tasmania, in 2013 and again in 2015, and has won the Most Outstanding Tasmanian Benefit two years in a row at GovHack Tasmania.

Alex has a background in systems administration and spatial software development. More recently, his work has been focused in the area of DevOps, designing and implementing full-stack solutions using open source software and cloud infrastructure. He has a keen interest in technology and experience and expertise with a wide range of data, software and hardware related to spatial information. Alex has presented at several international, national and local conferences and is the founder of the Tasmanian GeoRabble chapter.