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OSGeo Member
Name: Aryan Bhasin
Job Title:
City: Jaipur
State: Rajasthan
Country: India
Local Chapter: [[|{{{LocalChapter}}}]]
Instant Messaging:
Language(s): English; Hindi; French
Personal Description :
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OSGeo Experience and Roles:

I am a GCI 2017 student, working on the Add yourself to the OSGeo Member Map task. I'm a web developer with interests in many languages, including Python, JavaScript, Octave, C#, etc. I studied IGCSE before, and am now an IB student trying to manage time between academics, college applications, and my interest in Computer Science, which led me to take part in GCI. I grew up in a place without a tech culture and founded the first high school Computer Club of our state. We recently hosted the second edition of our annual tech symposium called Game of Codes, hoping to encourage students to study CS at a young age. I'm hoping to have fun during this competition and learnt a lot along the way.