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== Wladimir Szczerban ==
Member of [[Cap%C3%ADtulo_Local_de_la_comunidad_hispano-hablante]] (OSGeo-es).
Member of [http://geoinquiets.cat/ Geoinquiets] .
=== Studies ===
Computer Engineering (5 years grade) at [http://www.usb.ve Universidad Simón Bolívar]
[http://formaciocontinua.upc.edu/ing/cursos/sistemes-informacio-geografica/21004000/ Master's degree in Geographical Information Systems] at [http://www.upc.edu/eng/ Universitat Politècnica de Catalunya]
=== Work ===
[http://betaportal.icgc.cat/ Geostart] Web map developer at [http://www.icgc.cat Institut Cartogràfic i Geològic de Catalunya]
Web map developer at [http://www.geoportal-idec.cat Catalonia's Spatial Data Infrastructure]
Lecturer at UNIGIS International Master in GIS and Science at [http://unigis.es/ UNIGIS]
=== GIS & GFOSS Projects ===
* One of the developers of the [http://sourceforge.net/projects/catalogconnecto/ CatalogConnector], a Client Application developed in Java that sends simultaneous OGC CSW requests to several metadata catalogues (ebRim or ISO 19115/19119 profile).
=== Contact info ===
;'''e-mail''': <tt>bolosig ''AT'' gmail ''DOT'' com</tt>
[http://twitter.com/bolosig Tweets]
=== Location ===
; Coords
: [http://www.icc.cat/vissir2/?toponim=barcelona&zoom=7&lat=4582550&lon=430567&layers=B00FFFFFTF 41° 23' N, 02° 10' E (WGS84)]
: [http://www.icc.cat/vissir2/?toponim=barcelona&zoom=7&lat=4582550&lon=430567&layers=B00FFFFFTF Barcelona, Spain]
; Map
&#123;&#123;#umSetParam: 2.18|41.38|Barcelona, Spain|Bolosig|Wladimir Szczerban&#125;&#125;
; UTC offset
: Standard time zone: UTC +1 hour ([http://www.timeanddate.com/worldclock/city.html?n=31 details])
: Daylight savings time: +1 hour (northern hemisphere summer time)
{{OSGeo Member
{{OSGeo Member
|Name=Wladimir Szczerban
|Name=Wladimir Szczerban
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|Coordinate=41.38, 2.18
|Coordinate=41.38, 2.18
[[category:Geoinquiets Barcelona Member]]

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Name: Wladimir Szczerban
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Address: Barcelona, Spain
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