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Drew Pilant


This is the OSGeo Member page for Drew Pilant, Ph.D.

I am a remote sensing environmental research scientist at the U.S. Environmental Protection Agency, Office of Research and Development, Landscape Characterization Branch. My work is mostly in methods development for remote sensing techniques, primarily in ecosystem mapping, land cover mapping and automated feature extraction. In short, I try to turn measurements of photons into meaningful image layers that can be used in GIS to solve environmental problems. My doctorate is in geology and earth science.

I use both proprietary and open source remote sensing and GIS software. One of my goals is to help promote the expansion of open source remote sensing software tools.

My FOSS4G 2007 presentation is here.

I'm a percussionist and composer. If you are interested in listening, please visit my music web page at Yogi Beat.

Location: N 35 52' 56" , W 78 52' 25"