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Hey everybody,

I am a software Engineer at Geotrack in Heerenveen, Netherlands. Geotrack is a company that develops and maintains an online Geotracking service. I am now exploring the possibilities of using openlayers to improve service.

I'm almost finished with my 'Software Engineering' study at the NHL in Leeuwarden.

Some personal Stuff: I was born on 19-10-1983 so at this moment I am 26 y/o. I've been into computers since I was about 12, so I know my way around. I'm actually more of a backend guy, but working with maps is a good change of diet :) I've mostly programmed in Delphi, Java(script) and PHP but I know my way around most languages.

I'm especially interested in combining OpenLayers with PTV and access it using JSON.

Oh and last but not least, my geolocation (at work that is): lat: 52.963995 lon: 5.890775