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(Hans) Gregers Petersen

Gregers Petersen

Partner, Senior Consultant, Septima

Location: Copenhagen, Denmark

OSGeo Experience

OSGeo coder.png OSGeo user.png

  • Open source and geospatial software nerd since 2003
  • Developed software using OSGEO libraries since 2008
  • Offers training in OSGEO software
  • Consultant and architect on minor and major FOSS4G setups, and on the transition to using
  • Active Open Data Advocate, and often speaks on the topic
  • Minor patches for GDAL
  • Bug reports for other OSGEO software
  • Regularly facilitates clients´ funding of OSGEO software
  • Consultant on the geo-part of the National Danish Data Distributor - using an OSGEO stack
  • Attended FOSS4G 2013 in Nottingham, spoke about open data at FOSS4GE in Como in 2015, has attended the Danish "Kortdage"-conference since 2008 (with several talks on FOSS4G software), key note speaker on Open Data at the Modern Mapping tracks at Tekna Kursdage in January 2014.

Email: gregers AT septima DOT dk
Phone (work): +45 9132 6945
Skype: gregerspetersen
Twitter: GregersP
Github: GregersP
Spoken Language(s)
English, Danish, German, (Swedish, Norwegian), and a bit of Hindi
Profile last updated
24 August 2015