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* [mailto:hendra.aquan@gmail.com Private email]
* [mailto:hendra.aquan@gmail.com Private email]
=== IM ===
=== Internet Messenger ===
:Y!M hendra_aquan
:Y!M hendra_aquan
: Skype hendra.aquan
== Location ==
== Location ==

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About Hendra Aquan

He work as Field Officer for Waste & Sewage Management, Muara Angke Project, Fauna & Flora International Indonesia Programme (FFI-IP). And work voluntary for Jakarta Green Monster (JGM), a local NGO that work for wetland conservation in Jakarta focused on Suaka Margasatwa Muara Angke.



You can send me email at one of this email address

Internet Messenger

Y!M hendra_aquan
Skype hendra.aquan



Jakarta Green Monster (JGM)
c/o Fauna & Flora International - Indonesia Programme
Kompleks Laboratorium Universitas Nasional
Jl. Harsono RM No. 1,
Ragunan - South Jakarta
Telp. 021 7800981 Fax. 021 7801024


Jl. Masjid Annur No. 25
Kebayoran Lama, Grogol Utara, South Jakarta