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Name: Laura Mugeha [[File:
Laura Mugeha - Headshot.jpg
Job Title: Geospatial Engineer
City: Nairobi
Country: Kenya
Local Chapter: Africa Local Chapter
Phone: 254714329717
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Language(s): English; Swahili
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Laura Mugeha - Headshot.jpg

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Hi there 👋🏾 I’m Laura, a Geospatial engineer passionate about using open technology and open data to create positive change. I currently work at Code for Africa managing africanDRONE and sensors.AFRICA community initiatives. These initiatives pioneer the use of drones and sensors for climate change and deforestation monitoring, water and air quality detection, and pollution detection in African cities, as well as open data collection and mapping.

In my free time, I volunteer with tech communities especially open data and FOSS communities! I also strongly advocate for women in STEM and continuously work with organizations pushing for diversity and inclusion within the various tech and engineering communities. Annually I organize technical workshops and events across Africa and support the implementation of similar projects globally that are aimed at empowering women in STEM.

As the saying goes, "Sharing is caring," I enjoy sharing about advances in the Geospatial space. I have organized and conducted training sessions across East Africa, and spoken and facilitated workshops at both regional and global conferences.