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Luciene Delazari is assistant professor in Cartography and GIS at the Federal University of Parana. She graduated in Cartographic Engineering in 1993. She obtained her Master degree in Geodetic Science (1996) and PhD in Engineering (2004). In 1997 she joined Department of Geomatic in undergraduate and graduate levels. Since 2010 she is vice-coordinator of Geodetic Science Program at the Federal University of Parana. She is board member of the Bulletin of Geodetic Sciences. Her research interests and publications are in cartographic visualization, interface design for cartographic products and automated cartographic design. In 2012 she helped to establish the Open Source Laboratory for the South America at the Federal University of Parana. Since 2008 she has fellowship of "Conselho Nacional de Desenvolvimento Científico e Tecnológico- CNPq (Brazilian Funding Agency).