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|Name=Régis Haubourg
|Address=Grenoble, France
'''Régis Haubourg'''
|Coordinate=45.26007, 5.7771
== Geospatial data administrator at Agence de l'eau Adour-Garonne (French Water Basin state agency) ==
Engineer in agriculture sciences, specialized in Water management, I focused on GIS approaches since 2002. I have been working at the interface with scientists and decision makers in Marine research institue (IFREMER) and agriculture research center (IRSTEA-irrigation management).
Since 2005, I manage the GIS infrastructure and data of Adour Garonne Water Basin Agency. I designed and maintained the water data portal [http://adour-garonne.eaufrance.fr http://adour-garonne.eaufrance.fr] based on open source components only.
Since 2010, I migrated all internal tools to Open Source Postgres-Postgis + QGIS to allow user to make cartographic-wise decisions on priorities.  
This use case lead to a specific commitment in QGIS community, as a user and bugtracker, but also as a funder.
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{{#umAdmin: Rhaubourg}}
{{#umSetParam:  1.444230|43.580077|Toulouse, France|Rhaubourg|Régis Haubourg}}

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Name: Régis Haubourg
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Address: Grenoble, France
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