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Dr Seraphim Alvanides, Associate Professor Geographical Information Science Architecture and Built Environment Northumbria University at Newcastle, UK

I am an urban social geographer, with expertise in quantitative methods and Geographical Information Systems and Science (GIS/Sc). My earlier research interests involve the analysis of population census data in order to identify patterns of social deprivation and health inequalities. My more recent work concerns obesogenic environments, such as availability of food outlets and physical activity opportunities, in the context of social/environmental justice. I was appointed at Northumbria University in September 2010. Prior to this I was part of the 'Society, Space and Practice' research group at Newcastle University (until August 2010). I am actively involved as a member, fellow or chair with various professional organisations and groups, such as the the Royal Geographical Society with the Institute of British Geographers (RGS-IBG), the Royal Town Planning Institute (RTPI), the Association for Geographic Information (AGI) and the Transport Planning Society (TPS). I was the Chair of the GISc Research Group of the RGS-IBG during the period 2010-2014.