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{{OSGeo Member
{{OSGeo Member
|Name=Zoltan Siki
|Name=Zoltan Siki
|Company=Budapest University of Technology and Economics
|Address=Budapest, Hungary
|Coordinate=47.481916, 19.054403
{{OSGeo Experience
{{OSGeo Member FormEdit}}
== Zoltan Siki ==
[[File:siki.jpg|right|Zoltan Siki]]
: Email: [mailto:siki.zoltan@epito.bme.hu siki.zoltan@epito.bme.hu]
: Web: http://geod.bme.hu/siki-zoltan?language=en http://osgeo.hu
;OSGeo activity
: Leader of the [http://www.agt.bme.hu/osgeolab?lang=en OSGeo Lab at BME] (member of "Geo for All" network)
: Chair of Workshop Committee of the FOSS4G-Europe Conference 2015
: Member of General Track Committee of FOSS4G-Europe Conference, 2017
: Member of Academic Track Committee of FOSS4G Conference, 2019
: Coordinator of QGIS Hungarian translation
: QGIS Plugin developer
: Hungarian tutorials (QGIS, GRASS, OpenLayers, PostGIS, MapServer, GDAL/OGR) http://www.agt.bme.hu/gis
: Organizer of Hungarian OSGeo meetings http://foss4g.hu
: teaching QGIS, GRASS, PostGIS, OpenLayers, MapServer
: maintener of open source based GIS sytems at local municipalities (MapServer, p.mapper, OpenLayers)
: main developer of Ulyxes open source project http://www.agt.bme.hu/ulyxes
: main developer of GeoEasy open source project https://github.com/zsiki/GeoEasy
: OSGeo-Live Hungarian translator
: GitHub https://github.com/zsiki
; Location
: Hungary
{{#umSetParam:  19.054403|47.481916|Budapest, Hungary|Siki|Zoltan Siki}}
{{#umAdmin: Siki}}
{{#umUserMap: Siki|400px|400px|7|2|y}}
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[[Category:OSGeo Advocate]]
[[Category:OSGeo Member]]

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OSGeo Member
Name: Zoltan Siki
Job Title:
Address: Budapest, Hungary
Country: [[|{{{Country}}}]]
Local Chapter: [[|{{{LocalChapter}}}]]
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