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'''Introduction to basic skills and background'''
I am the Director and Principle Consultant of [http://www.botanicusaustralia.com.au Botanicus Australia Pty Ltd].
I have been involved in the use of geospatial software since 1996, and have been using a wide range of desktop packages to access, analyze and print maps of flora, fauna and vegetation. I currently use gvSIG as my primary GIS solution.<br>
I have a long history in the development of relational databases for the storage of plant and animal locational and monitoring data. I am very familiar with the use of Visual Foxpro, although I also program in a variety of other languages.
In 1993 published the book "[http://catalogue.nla.gov.au/Record/724590 Management of Endangered Plants]" through CSIRO, excapsulating 5-years research on the monitoring and management of over 200 rare or threatened plant species in Victorian National Parks.<br>
In recent times (2009-2010) I have moved from a totally Windows-based operating system to Ubuntu. Apart from some small legacy programs, written in Visual Foxpro (VFP), all core programs have been replaced by FOSS. <br>
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