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===[[Pedro-Juan Ferrer]]===
[[File:Pferrer.jpg‎|thumb|right|100px|Pedro-Juan Ferrer]]
Project Manager at Omnium Inteligencia Estratégica · [http://www.linkedin.com/in/pedrojuanferrer linkedin]
Location: Valencia, Spain
Pedro-Juan is part a Project Manager, part a Geospatial Analyst. He is Charter Member of [http://www.osgeo.org/charter_members OSGeo] the Liaison Officer of the [[Spanish|Spanish Language Local Chapter]], member of the [[OSGeo_Spanish_BD|Chapter Board of Directors]] and one of the Local Chapter [[OSGeo Spanish Charter Members|Charter Members]]. He participates actively on OSGeo-ES initiatives and [[:Category:Geoinquietos Valencia|Geoinquietos Valencia]] (a little local group part of a broader network of microchapters). Further details at Pedro-Juan's [[Pedro-Juan Ferrer|complete profile page]]
{{#umSetParam: -0.3932|39.457|Valencia, Spain|Vehrka|Pedro-Juan Ferrer Matoses}}.
; OSGeo Experience
[[File:OSGeo_charter.png|link=OSGeo_Advocate#OSGeo_Charter_Members]] [[File:OSGeo_psc.png|link=OSGeo_Advocate#Voted_position_in_an_OSGeo_community]]
: OSGeo Charter Member
: Spanish Language Local Chapter Liaison Officer
: Spanish Language Local Chapter Board Member
: Spanish Language Local Chapter Charter Member
: Member of Spanish translation of the [[Live GIS Disc|OSGeo Live]] documentation group
; Contact
: [mailto:pferrer@osgeo.org pferrrer@osgeo.org], [mailto:pj.ferrer.matoses@gmail.com pj.ferrer.matoses@gmail.com]
: IRC: '''vehrka'''
: Skype: '''geovehrka'''
;Profile last updated:
: 2013-07-11

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