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This page is for the request of new features and the reporting of problems/errors according to the Usermap.

Requested features

  • A message of success or failure after setting/updating the location Information through the parser tags.
  • Create nicer pop-up a la Google
  • add zoom/info button tool bar
  • predefine zooms for localchapters or by a given centerat coordinate and zoom level.

Reported Problems and Errors

  • Problem with entering the location data, because there is no message which tells if it had success or not.
  • My user map fails (user not in database) but I am showing on the main user map. Any ideas? Jasonbirch
    • I see that your username and your realname is twisted, from the Informations in the PopUp of your Placemark in the AllUsermap. I'm not shure why your data is not updated because you have it now right in your umSetParam tag. Maybe its because of the mediawiki cache?!