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[DRAFT] OSGeo Volunteer Letter of Recommendation [DRAFT]


This wiki page summarizes content for an OSGeo letter of reference for volunteer work wihtin OSGeo.


  • Letters of recommendation (LoR) can be useful for OSgeo volunteers as a means to prove their OSGeo-related activities to third parties, e.g. when sending in a resume for a new position.
  • LoR should be available both to active volunteers and persons retiring from OSGeo.

Workflow and data sources

  • LoR should be easy to create, ideally in an (semi-)automated workflow.
  • Content for a specific LoR can be harvested from the volunteers personal OSGeo wiki page (if existing):
  1. Name
  2. Address / city / state / country
  3. Email
  4. Local Chapter
  5. OSGeo experience and roles
  • Note: This might be an opportunity to improve the metadata concept of the personal wiki pages: The wiki pages seem to have currently no metadata-tags for the committes and projects (community projects / projects-undergoing-incubation / graduated projects). Also, there is no metadata on when a person was elected as a charter member and when that person retired.
  • For each of the badges displayed under "OSGeo experience and roles" we could set up short general description as templates.
  • There should be a general template for the LoR (general outline / structure of the letter)

Request process for a LoR

  • To prevent abuse (e.g. preposterous claims in a LoR, discrediting the OSGeo communit as a whole), some kind of human checking / editing will be required.
  • LoR could be edited by a OSGeo committee, to prevent flooding the Board with such requests.