Web Site Committee Motion

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I, Frank Warmerdam, move that a "Web Site Committee" be designated to manage the foundation web site and related resources. The initial committee membership shall include:

  • Daniel Brookshier (chair)
  • Howard Butler (hobu@iastate.edu)
  • Fred Warnock (fwarnock@dmsolutions.ca)
  • Perry Nacionales nacional@cbs.umn.edu

The web site committee has responsibilities to:

  • maintain and update the foundation web site.
  • recommend appropriate website technologies (ie. wiki)
  • decide and implement a site wide style guideline.
  • support foundation projects in use of portal technologies and common style.
  • adding and removing committee members as needed.
  • report back to the board (via Chair) to the board monthly on activities and issues.


  • The web site committee should operate a public mailing list for discussing changes so that non-members can make recommendations, and follow discussions.
  • Major decisions (ie. wiki tech, web site styling) should be forwarded to the board.
  • The web site committee should not "create foundation policy". That is, (non-website) policies of the foundation should be decided by the board, and published by the web site committee. The committee can produce new documents that reflect existing policy or are non-controversial in nature.
  • All members of the committee should have SVN access to update the web site.
  • The committee does not have control of web pages for foundation projects with the exception of pseudo-projects like "board.osgeo.org" and such that are still core foundation activities.