Board Election 2008 Results

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Here are the final results from the past two weeks of voting for the open seats of the OSGeo Board of Directors. There were four seats open and they have been filled by, in alphabetical order:

  • Ari Jolma
  • Arnulf Christl (re-elected)
  • Frank Warmerdam (re-elected)
  • Howard Butler

Frank and Arnulf were re-elected - Ari and Howard are two new members. Thank you for running, I look forward to your participation in the Board. There was excellent voting participation at 93% and no tie scores to arbitrate. The top 4 nominees captured 78% of the vote.

Thank you Paolo Cavallini and S. Narendra Prasad for being part of the election! As always, it was a tight race - I hope we can see you stand again in the next round.

Please also join me in thanking our outgoing directors Chris Holmes and Dave McIlhagga - their participation has been vital during these first two formative years.

Your complete resulting Board is:

  • Ari Jolma
  • Arnulf Christl
  • Frank Warmerdam
  • Howard Butler
  • Jeroen Ticheler
  • Jo Walsh
  • Markus Neteler
  • Paul Ramsey
  • Robert (Bob) Bray

Best wishes, Tyler (CRO)