FOSS4G2008 Workshops and Technical Visits

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THIS PAGE IS NOW LIVE! If you have registered for one or more workshops at FOSS4G 2008, this is the page where you select which workshop or technical visit you wish to attend.

  • You can select ONE item from Monday morning, ONE from Friday morning and ONE from Friday afternoon, wherever there are still seats available.
  • Click on the workshop title to view the abstract if you want to find out more.
  • Technical Visits are lined up for the same time slots as workshops. You will have to choose between them.
  • You can choose activities at different venues, transport is arranged and is included.
  • Get back to Petro at peoplesa dot with the CODES of the items you wish to attend and Workshop Booking : Your name and surname in the subject line and she will confirm your seat, once you have registered and paid for the conference.
  • To find out more about FOSS4G 2008, visit the main conference website

NOTE:Workshops and Technical Visits fall outside the main FOSS4G2008 Programme. If you wish to attend these events, you will have to register for a "conference + workshop" package here or you may purchase them separately.

While the Code Sprint on Saturday 4 October is a free part of the conference, we need to have an idea about who will attend. So when you send your workshop choices to Petro please indicate if you wish to attend the code sprint. She will pass your name to the code sprint coordinator (Tim Sutton), or you can add it yourself to FOSS4G2008_CodeSprint.

Venue MONDAY 29th September - 08:30-12:00 FRIDAY 3rd October - 08:30-12:00 FRIDAY 3rd October - 13:30-17:00
CTICC Roof Terrrace Getting Started with MapServer - Jeff McKenna, Pericles Nacionales, Tyler Mitchell CODE: WS-M-1 OpenLayers - Building Web Mapping Applications with a Solid Foundation- Tim Schaub CODE: WS-F-1 Practical Introduction to GRASS and related software for beginners - Marco Ciolli, Paolo Zatelli, Clara Tattoni CODE: WS-F-6
CTICC Room 1.40 Setting up a geospatial catalog using GeoNetwork opensource and GeoServer - Jeroen Ticheler CODE: WS-M-2 Practical Introduction to MapGuide Open Source - Tom Fukushima, Peter Rieks CODE: WS-F-2 The Open-Geo Stack: OpenLayers, GeoServer, PostGIS - Justin Deoliveira, Tim Schaub, Chris Holmes CODE: WS-F-7
CTICC Auditorium Collaborative Mapmaking with GeoDjango - Josh Livni, Christopher Schmidt Please note that you are expected to bring your own notebook computer to this event CODE: WS-M-3 --- ---
UCT Geomatics Lab FOSS4G routing with pgRouting tools and OpenStreetMap road data - Claude Philipona, Daniel Kastl CODE: WS-M-4 MapWindow GIS Workshop - Introduction to Custom GIS Application Development for Windows - Brian Marchionni, Ted Dunsford CODE: WS-F-10 Introduction to gvSIG/SEXTANTE as desktop GIS with advanced spatial analysis and SDI publishing tools - Victor Olaya, Salvador Bayarri, Jose Vicente Higon, Laura Diaz CODE: WS-F-8
UCT Environmental and Geographical Sciences Lab Standardized Geoprocessing with 52North Open Source Software - Bastian Schaeffer CODE: WS-M-5 Mapserver OGC Web Services Workshop - Bart van den Eijnden, Assefa Yewondwossen, Jeff McKenna CODE: WS-F-4 Hydrological and Geomorphological Terrain Analysis with JGrass - Silvia Franceschi, Andrea Antonello CODE: WS-F-9
Fountains Hotel Venue Introduction to Geoportal Management using Mapbender - Arnulf Benno Christl CODE: WS-M-6 Web based GIS and domain model integration - Pieter de Graef CODE: WS-F-5 ---
Technical Visit Chief Directorate Surveys and Mapping, Mowbray, Cape Town - 'Ordnance Survey of SA'. Image Acquisition and Field Surveying , Trignet - permanent GPS base stations , Data Extraction and Manipulation , Geospatial Data Management and Cartographic Production CODE: TV-M-1 Houwteq Satellite Integration Facility in Grabouw - Key site in South African Space Program CODE: TV-F-1 Wine Estate GIS - Francois Knight from Agri Informatic will present on how GIS is used in the wine industry. On a lovely Cape wine estate... CODE: TV-F-2

Labs are 'mini-workshops', also hands-on and are part of the core conference programme so you don't book them now. You will be able to choose them at will during the conference. They will run in parallel to presentation tracks and are 1h30 long. They are listed here but their abstracts and scheduling will be available on the main conference website soon: