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Few words about me.

At present I am working at the Institute of Soil Science and Plant Cultivation - State Research Institute IUNG-PIB in Poland. In IUNG-PIB I am running several projects, dealing with ICT in agriculture, agricultural irrigation, new fertilizers, agroforestry, watershed processes, soil erosion as well as application works on SDI and European INSPIRE directive. Recently I was coordinating IUNG's team within the ENORASIS project aimed at developing an innovative irrigation DSS for farmers and advisors. I had the pleasure to be co-author of its core DSS component. I was also responsible for work package addressing pilot implementation of irrigation optimization system, based partially upon the open source SOS Server by Maxi Cannata from SUPSI (CH). I am the co-owner of Aquastatus irrigation DSS.

In the years 2004-2005 and 2007-2010 I've been working at the Catholic University of Leuven K.U. Leuven in Belgium - more precisely in one of its research&development units - Spatial Applications Division Leuven (SADL) User:SADL: . I was dealing with FOSS4G within two projects:

  • till April 2009 within CASCADOSS project as its Technical Director
  • FOSS4G training initiatives performed at SADL
    • training on application of FOSS4G in land evaluation addressed to the participants from developing countries; link
    • training on OGC WMS/WFS protocols. link

In late 2008 I become involved in the SDI domain, within projects targeting INSPIRE (Nature SDIplus, INSPIRE SoP) and SEIS (NESIS).

My professional experience includes: GIS/RS in environmental/agricultural/spatial management domains, spatial modelling (erosion, landsliding, watershed processes), fundamental research on soil science and soil erosion. Recent experiences are: ICT in agriculture, sofwtare architectures, software evaluation, FOSS4G, WebGIS and various aspects of SDI. More details to be found at my professional webpage

I am interested in FOSS4G since 2000 as I was looking for free GIS solutions for my PhD research. Later on I have been using FOSS4G in my enterprise GeoStudio Poland (www.geostudio.pl). Within CASCADOSS I was involved in software evaluation process and general project management. Now I am looking forward to explore the possibilities to utilize FOSS4G in INSPIRE and SEIS. I am strongly dedicated to the idea of FOSS4G as, knowing from my own experience in Poland, the lack of free software for GI combined with the poor availability of free spatial data, hold the development of GI market, diminishing the range of environmental assessments and potential scientific progress.

FOSS4G related work:

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FOSS4G excercises:


Prof. Dr. Rafal Wawer


ul. Czartoryskich 8

24-100 Pulawy Poland

E-mail: Rafal.Wawer@iung.pulawy.pl