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Website name for the education and curriculum committee

I, Puneet Kishor, proposed education curriculum open geo spatial (ecogs).

Ari Jolma suggested I like Ari's suggestion better than my own. It has the advantage of being unambiguous, but, in Ari's words, might be a bit bold. My one lingering concern is that the academia might see our attempt at education as a parallel, competing, non-vetted effort.

Tyler Mitchell proposes keeping it short and sweet but meaningful and memorable:

I, Puneet Kishor, (along with most others on the committee -- five on last count) second Tyler's wonderfully simple suggestion. Unless anyone has a particular objection, shall it be.

Unni Krishnan feels that the name edu could be confused with Internet's generic top-level domain .edu for educational institutions. Since you want to arrive at a Website name for the "education and curriculum committee", why not make it just or