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Some more guidelines from Jennifer Daehler, Intellectual Property Counsel at Autodesk


Open Source Geospatial Foundation, OSGeo, and the OSGeo logo are trademarks of the Open Source Geospatial Foundation in the United States and/or other countries worldwide.

OSGeo’s trademarks are the principal means by which we identify our community, projects and resources. They are a symbol of the quality of our open source geospatial software projects and the community support and goodwill that we have garnered. OSGeo’s success is, and will continue to be, due in part to the favorable recognition we achieve under our trademarks.

To help us protect our trademarks and the goodwill in them, we ask that you use our trademarks according to these Guidelines.

Permitted Uses

You may cite our word marks (Open Source Geospatial Foundation and OSGeo) properly to refer accurately to our community, projects and resources. However, we ask that you not use our logo (as opposed to our trademark that consist solely of words), or any tagline that we may adopt, without our prior written authorization.

Proper Notices

When using our trademarks to indicate our community, project or resources, please use the appropriate trademark notice (®, ™, or SM) with our trademarks, as indicated on our website.

In contrast, you do not need to use a trademark notice if you are making reference to the Open Source Geospatial Foundation or OSGeo as the name of our entity (rather than to denote our community, projects and resources) because this is not considered a “trademark use.”

Proper Attribution

When you use our trademarks in any materials, please include a brief statement attributing ownership of the trademarks that you use to us. For example:

“Open Source Geospatial Foundation, OSGeo and the OSGeo logo are trademarks of the Open Source Geospatial Foundation in the United States and/or other countries worldwide.”

(Please note that the attribution need only identify our trademarks that you actually use in your material and thus may vary from the above example)

Please Do Not:

You may not use our trademarks:

  • In, as, or as part of your own trademarks
  • To identify products or services that are not ours
  • In a manner likely to cause confusion
  • In a manner that implies inaccurately that we sponsor or endorse, or are otherwise connected with, your own activities, products, and services

We also ask the following:

  • Please keep our trademarks distinct from other text, images, or material
  • Please do not alter, edit, modify, or combine our trademarks or change the color or appearance of them in any way.