Board Meeting 2007 05 18

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This board meeting has been scheduled for the 18th of May at 15:00 UTC (fixedtime), by phone and IRC (#osgeo) at the same time.

Communication will use the new Conference Call facilities.



  • Meeting taken place on telephone Conference Call and on IRC.
  • In attendance: Mark Lucas, Arnulf Christl, Jo Walsh, Markus Neteler, Chris Holmes, Frank Warmerdam, Tyler Mitchell

Appoint meeting secretary

  • Mark scribing meeting

Reviewed and approved Twenty Sixth Board Meeting minutes

  • All were in favour of approving minutes

Discuss timing of a FOSS4G OSGeo face-to-face meeting, if we want one.

  • Agreed that a face-to-face meeting was valuable to have in Victoria
  • Sunday before the conference is the tentative date - assume there is a room available during conference set up
  • Will coordinate with Paul Ramsey

Approve Arnulf as new VisCom Chair.

  • VisCom approved Arnulf as chair
  • All board were in favour, approved

GeoTools Contribution Steps

  • General discussion (Chris)
  • Discussion around copyright of GeoTools
  • Reviewing email that Chris sent - about assigning copyright to OSGeo
  • Jo, commented on clause that OSGeo may license under other terms, some questions about whether they can be further reassigned
  • General agreement that having a standardized CLA for projects is good, rather than different for each one
  • Geotools is working on wording in a new proposed agreement
  • Discussed how to accomplish a legal review of the CLA
  • Agreed to finalize wording, then coordinate with Autodesk legal staff which has donated assistance in the past

Revise the FAQ about proprietary software. -- Jo

  • Reviewed changes and accepted

Revisit What's Working and What's Not Working -- Arnulf

  • Briefly reviewed the pages
  • Agreed to have everyone review the web pages and update

Revisit Board tasks and consider to either drop this page altogether (do it via Trac?) or appoint page maintainer -- Arnulf

  • Revisit board tasks and consider whether to drop and move to trac, what should status be.
  • Reviewed the list and discussed some of the current status, not an active page
  • Move to Trac as appropriate
  • Various outstanding tasks briefly mention, on Tyler's plate: fund raising, 501c3 status, election planning
  • Others: binary stack, financial statements

Other items:

  • Directors and officers insurance
    • Tyler has a quote, will coordinate with Gary and have board give final approval
    • Other foundations carry this type of insurance, will research and make recommendations
  • OSGeo Journal
    • First journal released, good work

Meeting adjourned 15:41UTC, all in favour