2021 GeoforAll planning meeting

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Plan the events for GeoforAll in 2021 and determine the budget needed.

Meeting time

Date: Thursday (14 January) at 15:00 UTC

Meeting link (via Zoom), https://zoom.us/j/98794958775

Possible activities

  • GeoforAll AGM (similar to the OSGeo AGM with updates from different labs)
  • 3 min thesis competition for students
  • Restart initiative for collaborative projects between labs
  • International Diploma (certification program) in GEOMATICS Based on Free and Open Source Software (in Spanish - for GeoForAll Iberoamerica)
  • Please add any other ideas


Meeting link (via Zoom), https://zoom.us/j/98794958775



  • Sergio Acosta y Lara
  • Dimitris Kotzinos
  • Peter Mooney
  • Nikos Lambrinos
  • Helena Mitasova
  • Zoltán Siki
  • Victoria Rautenbach
  • Azile Mdleleni
  • Cameron Green
  • Lucy Bastin

please add you name if I missed it (sorry about that)

GeoforAll Annual General Meeting (AGM):

  • Best possible date - March 2021
  • Request webinar Zoom account from OSGeo Board
  • [Action] Victoria to create doodle and start slidedeck

3 min thesis:

  • Request $2000 for prize money
  • Run competition after AGM
  • Possible categories/themes:
  • * Software/Apps Development
  • * Education
  • * Agriculture
  • * Environment
  • * Rights / justice (?)

Collaborations: try to create map

Draft Budget $2000 3 min thesis

ISPRS Educational resource catalogue Push to UN university network Give more detail about educational resources Intended learner, duration Add link to OSGeo website or wiki

Unite Maps Initiative Advertise in network/ mailing lists (incl. YouthMappers) Possible collaborations with OSM

Action items