2021 GeoforAll planning meeting

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Plan the events for GeoforAll in 2021 and determine the budget needed.

Meeting time

Date: Thursday (14 January) at 15:00 UTC

Meeting link (via Zoom), https://zoom.us/j/98794958775

Possible activities

  • GeoforAll AGM (similar to the OSGeo AGM with updates from different labs)
  • 3 min thesis competition for students
  • Restart initiative for collaborative projects between labs
  • International Diploma (certification program) in GEOMATICS Based on Free and Open Source Software (in Spanish - for GeoForAll Iberoamerica)
  • Please add any other ideas


Meeting link (via Zoom), https://zoom.us/j/98794958775



  • Sergio Acosta y Lara
  • Dimitris Kotzinos
  • Peter Mooney
  • Nikos Lambrinos
  • Helena Mitasova
  • Zoltán Siki
  • Victoria Rautenbach
  • Azile Mdleleni
  • Cameron Green
  • Lucy Bastin

please add you name if I missed it (sorry about that)

GeoforAll Annual General Meeting (AGM):

  • Best possible date - March 2021
  • Request webinar Zoom account from OSGeo Board
  • [Action] Victoria to create doodle and start slidedeck

3 min thesis:

  • Request $2000 for prize money
  • Run competition after AGM
  • Possible categories/themes:
    • Software/Apps Development
    • Education
    • Agriculture
    • Environment
    • Rights / justice (?)
  • [Action] Victoria to circulate draft guidelines in late Feb 2021


  • A map of the collaborations would be nice
  • Try to collect information from AGM slides

ISPRS Educational resource catalogue

  • UN-GGIM Academic Network might be interested, but previous funding is finished
  • [Action] Victoria to add link to OSGeo website or wiki

Unite Maps Initiative

  • Advertise in network/mailing lists (incl. YouthMappers)
  • Possible collaborations with OSM via B2B meeting

International Diploma (certification program) in GEOMATICS Based on Free and Open Source Software:

  • Great initiative!
  • [Action] Sergio or Toni to present more at the AGM
  • Support can be requested from OSGeo via GeoforAll


After the GeoforAll planning meeting that took place on 14 January 2021, GeoforAll would like to request the following:

Item Description Amount
Student competition In 2021, we would like to run a 3 minute thesis competition for students in the GeoforAll network. The budgeted amount will be used to award small prizes to the students. $2 000
Conference Student awards An amount of max $500 can be requested by a conference or other GeoforAll labs as student prizes. $1 000
Zoom account for AGM For the AGM, planned in March 2021, we would like to request a Zoom Webinar account for 500 participants. $140