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Motion "AJAX WebMapping" mailing list from Cameron Shorter by email:


What could be good is if we set up a ajax-mapping list which has representatives from all the OS AJAX web mapping projects.


On it we can discuss ideas on how to implement different functionality with the long term aim that we develop a set of common libraries that we all can use.

OSGeo Projects

  • Mapbender
  • OpenLayers
  • MapFish
  • GeojQuery


AJAX WebMapping Vector Rendering Design Provides UML models and design for cross browser vector rendering.

FOSS4G 2006 Conference

At FOSS4G 2006 in Lausanne all interested AJAX webMapping Projects were invited to participate at the conference on wednesday afternoon at 18:00 -> 20:00.

Projects registering in the attendance list below will be invited to present for 10 minutes (depending on available time) their best features, their lacking features and wich features they would like to share with other projects.

After the presentation we'll start the debate: depending on presentation results we'll try to plan a medium term action to evaluate common needings and a long term action to develop a common framework.

Target public is intended to be AJAX web mapping developers.


  • Ka-Map (Paul Spencer, Lorenzo Becchi, Andrea Cappugi)
  • OpenLayers (Schuyler Erle)
  • MapGuide Open Source (Robert Bray)
  • Mapbuilder (Steven Ottens, Michael Adair)
  • InterMap opensource (Stefano Giaccio, Jeroen Ticheler)
  • MapStorer (Alessandro Pasotti)