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AfricaGEO 2014 OSGeo presence organising page


Organise activities around the AfricaGEO 2014 event being held 1-3 July 2014 in Cape Town. See for event details.

Dates and Times

30 June: FOSS GIS Unconference

Jul 1-3 at the conference: Hang around the 1Map stand or the GISSA stand. There are various FOSS-related talks and sessions too.


FOSS GIS Unconference: NGI Head Office, Mowbray

AfricaGeo: The Cape Town International Conference Center.


Please join the Africa mailing list:


FOSS GIS Unconference

update: By 26 June lots of people have replied by email and phone that they are coming. Add your name here and ideas here if you like but it sounds like it's going to be a nice turnout

AfricaGeo FOSS champions

We don't have our own OSGeo stall at the main conference but will hang an OSGeo banner either at the GISSA or 1Map stand.

# Participant Home Man Booth Preparation of materials Other contributions contact Notes
1 Tim Sutton Swellendam, South Africa yes yes Not sure what yet No notes yet
2 Tobi Sowole Lagos, Nigeria no yes Funding No notes yet
3 Frank Sokolic Cape Town, South Africa yes yes Funding, workshops No notes yet
4 Jeff McKenna Canada yes (my experience with Nottingham is that it is easier for locals to print materials etc.) workshop jmckenna(at) MapServer workshop?
3 Hanlie Pretorius Cape Town, South Africa no yes Poster with myths about FOSS GIS software No notes yet


  • **Do I need to be a FOSS GIS guru?** It will help if you know your way around the FOSS GIS stack, but nobody needs to be a guru.
  • **Will I earn money for doing this?** In the afterlife maybe, in this one you will probably need to part with some of your hard earned cash to cover conference fees and perhaps chip in for goodies for the stand.

Social Activities

Lets get together for a OSGeo Africa Chapter meetup while we are there!




QGIS Flyers: QGIS Poster: (needs updating a little)